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Self care for me often just means not having responsibility for a short time – and that can be the biggest thing that I need to rest and replenish myself. Self care can look like all sorts of things for different people, but sometimes it really is that simple.


It can be a chance to relax and unwind; have space to reflect and think – and most importantly have someone else tell you what to do for a while, instead of you being the one who is in charge and making decisions all the time.


Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly found the last few months difficult never mind the last few years. It seems like people want something from me all the time. My family are doing great, although there is a certain anxiety coming out of lockdown and trying to find some sort of normal after COVID; and this means I feel needed a lot of the time.


Obviously being a coach, I support my clients too; I put so much energy and soul into doing that. And I love it. I absolutely love it. But I’m also aware of what it takes out of me, and that I too need to be supported and have space to relax and just be for a while.


So whether it’s a week or a weekend, a day or even a half day, there is so much importance in taking that time for myself. Often, the retreats I go on are a mix of fun stuff, yoga, meditation, wellness. I really enjoy all of that, and it is incredibly valuable.


But what I wanted to create for you was a space where you can also get that feeling of pausing for a while – the chance to stop; to not be responsible for everyone else

and to take some time off from all those responsibilities that you have.


Juggling your work and your family; even your friends and your social life. It all takes energy. So having this space to stop, replenish, and have someone look after you felt really important.


And what’s missing from a lot of workshops and retreats is the chance to then apply what have experienced or what you have learned when you return to your daily life. There is so much of value here besides just stopping, taking time out having a break, and then going back straight back into your life without anything changing.


Because everything stays the same unless we make changes.


And that’s what we’re offering you for you in this retreat; time to relax and to meet others going through the same stuff as you; wonderful restorative and replenishing yoga; guided visualisations and relaxation to really let go of all the things that you’ve been carrying so that you can stop and put that load down for a while.


But we also want you to have tools to take away with you, so when you take this time to stop and reflect on what’s going on you can leave feeling differently about yourself. You will learn how you can support yourself and others and how you can look after yourself a little better.


With our series of ‘Pause’ retreats, that’s exactly what we’re aiming to do. To give you the space, the time to connect, to replenish, but also to start to plan and think creatively, to use your incredible wisdom and skills that you already possess, and to learn new tools as well so that you can start thinking about how things might be different to make real change in your life.


Now the other thing that I have found, when I take time out to spend retreat time in the company of other women, is that something magical happens. There is something incredible about meeting women who have a common purpose; spending time with like minded people; gathering together and sharing their strengths, their weaknesses, their desires, their dreams, their hopes; even if those things aren’t shared out loud.

Magic truly happens when women comes together for a common purpose. And honestly, I can’t wait to see you there and share that with you.


Join us for our Seasonal Pause retreats

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