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Next part of our series

This month has flown by and in one week we will be in spring at looking at our next episode of our Menopause retreat series the Summer Pause. Will you be joining us?   This part of the series offers many empowering opportunities such as: Energy- finding it when...

Menopause, Menopause

What do you think needs to change in the way people see, think about and talk about the menopause? What I have learnt from all the wonderful women that I have worked with is that a positive outlook on menopause and knowing where you can turn to increases feelings of...

Your Symptoms?

Hot flushes? Is this one of your symptoms of the menopause? Brain fog and lack of concentration? Book your discovery call to see how I can help you with my coaching skills to relieve some of your stress.

How are you being affected?

Did you know that your sleep can be affected by going through the menopause? It is one of the biggest challenges that women I work with tell me they face, and it has such a huge impact on your feeling of wellbeing.   Sleep and the menopause can literally go hand...

A different perspective?

Would you like the opportunity to see things from a different perspective? To talk to likeminded individuals? Make time for the Summer Pause retreat to make sure that you are in the best place possible to make this happen.   We are here to provide a safe space...

Benefits of menopause retreats

  Retreats are very diverse and come in all shapes and sizes from fitness and wellness to spiritual healing and trauma counselling. However, they all have the same structure and end goal – for YOU to escape from everyday life and leave feeling rejuvenated,...


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